Dear SWISSRoute user,

We are reaching out to you in response to the recent SWIFT fraud case impacting the Central Bank of Bangladesh. Please allow us to start by reassuring you that when using SWISSRoute your data is protected by several layers of security, avoiding the chance of such an incident.

The fraud in Bangladesh was executed by the means of a highly targeted malware, allowing attackers to compromise the SWIFT software SAA (SWIFT Alliance Access) and the related database.

Investigating authorities in Bangladesh expressed that the computers of the Central Bank were not sufficiently secured, which allowed penetration at a system level and the injection of this malicious software whereby manipulation of the installed SWIFT software SAA was possible. According to SWIFT, the underlying SWIFT data exchange platform and the SAG access points (SWIFT Alliance Gateway) were not affected by this attack.

For your reassurance as a customer of our SWISSRoute Service, it is important to know that the compromised SWIFT software SAA is not used by SWISSRoute, therefore the specific malicious software would not impact you.

We use proprietary products specific to SWISSRoute and are subject to strict security checks. These test and production systems are subject to controlled change management procedures. The data centers and systems are logically and physically protected by a multi-level security architecture, which meets the highest standards and is regularly inspected by external bodies to safeguard against any vulnerabilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions or concerns.

IBIS Management Associates Inc. 

IBIS Management Associates
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