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November Edition
2016 Lodge Officers

My name is Gray Barnhill and I will be serving as your 2016 Lodge Chief. I have been on the lodge leadership as Vice Chief of Communications and I am very excited to have been voted your lodge chief. This year, all of the Vice Chiefs are...

Fall Fellowship

The leafs began to change from the bright green to the colorful array that comes with the autumn season, marking the weekend of fall fellowship. It was one of great changes, yet great fun as fellowship...

Fall Gathering & Winter Banquet
Temperatures may have been low, but the fire of cheerfulness kept all of us warm as we experienced Fall Gathering. People from all the chapters of our lodge came together for a great time. From American Indian Affairs to a banquet filled with...
Reflecting in Autumn Waters

The Meaning of Fall Fellowship for One Arrowman

Do you ever get the feeling that you are in over your head? Like when you go to a swimming pool and think, “I’ll just go over to the deep end,” and you do, but then you start struggling to float. You try waddling back to...

2015 Year in Review

The Chief's bonnet has been passed down to the next Lodge Chief, marking the end of this year. What better way to start the new year than looking back at what we've accomplished in the last 12 months. All of these photos can be found on our Flickr.

Lodge Leadership visits Skyuka Lodge

Our Lodge leadership visits other Lodges every so often to help improve our own program. It’s one of the best parts about being a Lodge leader. It’s a great learning experience and many parts of our program have been...

Chief's Corner
The Centennial year is now coming to a close and what an amazing year it has been. There have been numerous celebrations across the nation including NOAC and Arrowtour. We have learned a lot from things in the past, but it is now time to look into the future. 2016 is the first year...
Adviser's Minute

As we close out the 2015 calendar year, we have the opportunity to reflect on the outstanding accomplishments by the Occoneechee Lodge under the leadership of our outgoing officers. Over 500 new members were inducted...

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