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Happy Release Week!



Yep. A witchy novella called ALL'S FAIR: LOVE & WARLOCKS, about a reluctant coven leader and the guy who's supposed to usurp her, but ends up doing other things to her instead... Far more enjoyable things, I might add.

And then there's the fifth installment in the Lightbearer series, called CUPID'S LIGHT. Move over Lightbearers and shapeshifters, there's a new magical being in town. She's a Cupid, and while she isn't a toddler with wings and a bow and arrow, her job is to find true love... For a shifter who'd really rather not. 

PS - If you haven't started this series yet, now's a great time. The prequel, FIRST LIGHT, is free, pretty much everywhere (although the link is to Amazon), and book one, INTO THE LIGHT, is only 99 cents, but only on Amazon. 

Happy reading!



There's been a lot going on in my life the last few months. Some good, some bad, some impossibly hard to believe. If you're ever curious, I tend to blog, and usually it's not about books.

Lately I've been blogging about my daughter's journey to middle school. It's been a hell of a journey, that's for sure. If you want to go along with me, have a read: TAMI LUND BLOG. 

If that isn't enough, every other Wednesday, I blog over here, too: Love, Lust, and Laptops. Yeah, that's a lot of blogging, but truth is, I need it sometimes. It's my outlet, my way of dealing with the hard knocks the world throws at us. And it helps clear my mind, too, so I can sit down and write more books - for you! 

Free Book Alert - Keep Reading!

Okay, yes, I've got a surprise for you, too! Have you ever heard of the Legend of Bloody Mary? Adelle Hendrick has, and she doesn't believe any of it. Not even when she meets a batty old gypsy woman named Vivienne, and is faced with her magical mirror. That hocus pocus stuff isn't real, and her BFF Ben Jackson is most definitely not meant to be her happily ever after.

What is real, however, is this chance to read MIRROR, MIRROR for f*ree, before it releases. Yep, you read that correctly. Want it? Grab it here, but only until 9/21: MIRROR, MIRROR FREE OFFER.

After that, you'll have to buy it when it releases on 9/28.

Oh, and if you want to let me know what you thought, please do so over on Goodreads. Thanks!


Well, I've got to finish up the third Twisted Fate book for y'all. I've sort of left Gavin and Sydney in a lurch at the end of the second book, and for those who have read it, you know I have to give you more about Lily's story. I'm pretty sure you will be shocked over her potential love interest in book three. Lips, sealed. Fingers, typing.

Let's do this! 

Here's something FUN for you! Check out my friend Allie Ritch's recent blog post - it's a bunch of hilareous one-liners from books her author friends wrote. Get ready to chuckle... FUN ONE-LINERS.

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