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#electricJOY & #helloSUNSHINE, Yazmany Arboleda

limeSHIFT wrapped up with Life is Good. Yazmany completed two stunning art installations with the Life is Good community and we celebrated the unveiling of the work with a Boston ArtWeek panel on April 29.

For a startup, the first is everything

The first client. The first project. The first co-created corporate art installation. How meaningful is a startup’s first engagement? For limeSHIFT, it was everything. Last month, we finished our first engagement with a corporate client.

An idea that originated in an MIT classroom became a reality at Life is Good’s Boston headquarters. limeSHIFT, as a concept, has been evolving for years; it’s the culmination of work started by Yazmany Arboleda and Nabila Alibhai with their 2013 orchestration of Monday Mornings in Kabul.

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SwitchPoint Ideas

Tahir represented limeSHIFT at SwitchPoint Ideas, a conference integrating humanitarian innovation, global health, and technology.

PAPER: puppet, poem, photo

Read a first hand account on co-creation by our Artistic Director:

"I never know the best way to communicate on how an idea comes together. I guess it’s a sort of “intentional serendipity” – as outlined by Jessica Colaço, the keynote speaker at SwitchPoint..."

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