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15th of July, 2015
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Panniers and Storarge

As a result of recent investigations, an RAA Airworthiness Notice AN10072015WS has been released, which relates to the use of panniers on weight shift aircraft.


Members are also reminded the internal wing area of  an aircraft is not a safe or appropriate place to store equipment when planning flights and should never be used as a storage area.


The wing profile may be subjected to changes in shape if items are stored internally. This has the potential to change the total lift generated by the wing and affect the dynamics of the wing.


Approved storage locker areas provided by the manufacturer can be used.


This is particularly relevant for weight shift aircraft as the internal cross bar mechanisms may be obstructed by non-secured items stored in the wing. This has the potential to significantly alter the flying characteristics of a weight shift aircraft.

This information is provided for the benefit of our members, who are advised to consult a CFI for more detailed information or Operations directly with questions. 
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