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Primera Línea’s Music in Havana!

Fostering the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals from the musical industry is the proposal of Primera Línea Music International Forum, which is scheduled to hold its second edition in the Cuban capital on September 20-23.... »





TTC Special: Caribbean beaches, tourist diamonds under threat of erosion - By F. Martin

TTC Service.- Beaches are Caribbean tourism diamonds. But it seems that these diamonds are not "forever" because of erosion, one of the great dangers of climate change. If ever the region misses its beaches, not only tourism but human life is likely to become very complicate.... »



Point of View: To beat Trump restrictions, Americans rush plans to visit Cuba

Several American-based travel organizations reported an increase in sales after Trump's announcement. Tom Popper, president of travel agency insightCuba, said his company saw a 32 percent increase in web traffic and a 25 percent increase in bookings in the days after Trump’s speech.... »



Its official: Mexican Tourism industry is stronger than the oil industry

Tourism sector in Mexico represents 8.7% of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a figure exceeding the contribution of oil industry, which amounts to 7%.... »



More cruise ships going to Cuba after Norwegian ads second vessel

Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line announced it is adding a second ship for four-day cruises to Havana, following a barrage of announcements from airlines about reduced or canceled service to Cuba.... »



Caribbean region to work together on sustainable tourism

Members of the Association of Caribbean States, ACS, ended two days of meetings, held on the island of Margarita, off the Venezuelan mainland coast, with the promise to empower those, who hold major roles within communities, to contribute positively to local and regional tourist products.... »


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