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Just a heads up about the Monday after the Portland ValenTango (Feb 8-13, 2017)....if you wanna stick around, there's plenty to do, (both tango and non-tango). Like....

  • Lots of cafes and coffee shops for breakfast along Weidler and along Broadway just a few blocks north of the DoubleTree. (Hint: pick up a map from the bellhop).
  • Shop at Lloyd Center (Oregon's largest mall just across the street) and watch the ice skaters.
  • Take the Max to downtown Portland's renown city center (station is just across the street and a couple of bucks and a 20 minute ride gets you there)
  • Attend Clay & Nancy's free beginning Balboa class 1:30-2:30p in the Cascade Ballroom (upstairs at the DoubleTree).
  • Attend a free guided tango practica with the instructors at 2:30-4:00p in the Cascade Ballroom.
  • Practice your new steps in the Cascade Ballroom which will be open (except 1:30-4:00p) at no charge.
  • Go to a movie at the 10 theater cinema complex a couple of blocks east of the DoubleTree.
  • Attend the Analog Milonga with DJ Jim Dickerson from 8:00p-1:00a in the Cascade Ballroom.
  • Attend Milonga de Oro at the Polish Center, 3832 N Interstate Ave from 8:00p-1:00a
  • Finally, and one of my favorites, have a glass of wine in the DoubleTree bar called Gathers and just schmooze with friends.

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