In Honor of Father's Day... A Newsletter Full of Daddy Issues!

It's the Daddy Issues... er, Issue

When you're done celebrating Father's Day, I've got some daddy-issue inspired reads for you!

Meet shapeshifter Tanner Lyons and magical Lightbearer Olivia Bennett. Tanner's dad wants to kill people to inherit their magic, while Olivia's father can't let go of the past. There are daddy issues galore in this first book of the Lightbearer series!

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Undercover Heat is the first book in this boxed set (which is only 99 cents!!). Quinn Daniels is an FBI agent with a convict for a dad. Oh yeah, and the reason his dad's in prison is cuz he shot Quinn's mom. Yeah, not cool. Quinn's got some serious issues to work through, if he wants to hook up with the hot FBI agent with whom he's currently undercover and playing house...

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Okay, one more book with daddy issues... Actually,  both Brandon and Gabrielle have pretty cool fathers in this one. It's someone else who has some serious daddy issues. But I can't tell you who or it'll ruin the ending.

What I can do, however, is give you this one FREE, for a very limited time. In celebration of fathers--including anyone who has ever acted in that capactity and made a difference in someone's life--everywhere.

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Paranormal Fans!

Click the snazzy blue wolf to go to a cool Facebook group, where authors are constantly offering up new shifter and other paranormal reads! I'm sure more than a few of the characters in these books have daddy issues...

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