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15th of July, 2015
Nominations for the HGFA Committee of Management
Invitation to Nominate for the HGFA Committee of Management (CoM)

Hi All HGFA Members,

Nominations have been called (Sky Sailor) for the HGFA CoM. The CoM play a vital role in the guidance, supervision and management of the HGFA.

The role is a thankless volunteer role which places the CoM members in a position of great responsibility (to ensure we can all keep flying in Australia!). The CoM typically meet every two weeks via internet meeting. Meetings typically last 2-3 hours!

CoM members face questions and decisions over matters of planning, budgeting, training, law, discipline and many other topics. CoM members are required to abide by the HGFA's Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct policies.

Key Dates:

  • Friday, 31 July, 2015: Close of Call for Nominations

  • End of August: Mail-out of Ballot Papers (included with Sky Sailor)

  • Wednesday, 30 Sept, 2015: Voting closes at 5pm, Melbourne time.

  • Friday, 2 October, 2015: New CoM members announced.

  • Saturday, 17 October, 2015: Annual General Meeting.

First step? Nominate! Please send your written nominations (maximum of 1000 words) either via email or post to our Melbourne office by the close of business on Friday the 31 of July. Late nominations can't be accepted. It may be worth asking for confirmation that your nomination has been received (to be sure to be sure!).

Nominating members should look to keep the Saturday the 17th of October available just in case they're elected and need to attend the AGM (in Melbourne).

Enquiries should be directed to:

Mr. Sun Nickerson – HGFA Pres. :, or

Committee of Management:

Nominations must be sent:

via email:, or

via post: Hang Gliding Federation of Australia
4c/ 60 Keilor Park Drive, Keilor East, Vic 3033

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